Un sito dell'Associazione Nazionale Allevatori Suini

National Pig Breeders Association


ANAS manages the breeding programs of two reconstructed breeds named Nero di Parma and Nero Lomellina. The common goal of the programs is to fix the phenotypic characteristics of the two reconstructed breeds.

The animals of these populations have been obtained by several crosses aimed to recreate phenotypes of long extincted breeds.

Nero di Parma

are black coated, medium large sized pigs. The breed can be found in North Italy, in Parma province. It has been obtained by crossing autochthonous breeds (Cinta Senese, Mora Romagnola, Casertana) and Large Black animals.

Nero di Lomellina

pigs have a black coat with a white frontal list and white-footed legs. The breed can be also found in North Italy, in the province of Pavia and in Piedmont region.